Dab Tools

If you're a concentrate enthusiast, a dab tool ... If you're a concentrate enthusiast, a dab tool is the most essential product which can enhance your dabbing experience. Get a helpful and quality dab tool is definitely icing on the cake. In our store, we have many different types of dab tools available to provide our best service.

Quartz Bangers

A quartz banger is an essential accessory for your dab rigs. The banger holds your concentrates or oils and transfers the vapor into the rig, so picking the right quartz banger is important. There are many different materials and various designs of quartz bangers. Please make sure the joint size and the gender of the quartz banger before you purchase it.

Titanium Nails

Titanium nail is a heating device for use with concentrates and oils. Unlike glass or ceramic nails, titanium nails won’t break when heated incorrectly, that's why it is widely used on the market. Comparing to the quartz bangers, titanium requires longer heating times, but it has long heat retention. If you prefer to enjoy low-temperature dabs, this titanium nail is a perfect option.

Carb Caps

A carb cap is an instrument designed to compatible with your quartz bangers. It is very easy to use a carb cap, just place the carb cap over a banger when dabbing. The carb cap has a small hole to restrict airflow to your banger and increase flavor. Besides, a novelty carb cap also can bring more fun during your dabbing.


Dabbers are essential tools that enable you to safely load your oil or concentrate on your quartz bangers or titanium nails and stir it. No one would touch the heating bangers or nails by hand, that's why you need a dabber. We have a all kinds of dab tools that come in different sizes, shapes, and materials available.
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