Bong Accessories

When you get a wonderful bong or excellent wate... When you get a wonderful bong or excellent water pipe, there is necessary to get bong accessories or attachments for your lovely bong. There are many kinds of bong accessories on market today, choose the most suitable one is very important. Here are some basic bong accessories for your smoking. 
Bong Bowls

Bong bowl is the first option for your bong. A glass bong bowl comes in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing to determine whether a bowl is suitable for your bong is the joint size, diameter, quality, and looks. In our shop, We offer many different sizes and shapes glass bowl and suitable for almost every bong. 

Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers, somebody also calls it Precoolers. It is a water filtration device that can provide filtration and cool your smoke to protect your throat. A series of glass tubes in a ash catcher draw smoke from glass bowls and pass it through the chamber filled with water. At the same time, the ash catcher effectively prevents ash and particulates that would accumulate in your bong.


Downstems are a tube, usually made from glass, which runs down into the chamber of your bong. A downstem is an essential bong accessory that fits into a water pipe joint. The first thing to purchase a new downstem is to make sure it’s going to be compatible with your bong and bowl piece! Downstems are available in a variety of different sizes and lengths, so it absolutely needs to know what you need before purchasing one.

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